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A brief tutorial on creating an article on Wiki Vahdat

1- First, you have to search for the title of the article you want to create from the search box at the top of the Wiki Vahdat site on the right side of the page.

2- If the desired entry is not in the search result pages that appear, click on the red title of the article to open the new article creation page.

3- After creating the new article creation page, enter your content one by one from the source. After entering the content, you have to click the Save Changes option at the bottom of the page to save your content.

4. Go to the source edit section again, then scroll to the bottom of the page and tap the preview option next to save the changes to display the content you uploaded.

5- To create a content tree at the top of the article and the entry you created, you must put an equal sign before and after each title you enter in the edit section, such as: = unity = which can be the first headline and if it has a subset Becomes: == unity of religions ==; == Unity of Islamic religions ==

6- Each article should have an article title that starting with it, i.e. if you have created a page about unity, your editorial should usually start like this: Unity is a concept derived from the verses of the Holy Quran which refers to the unity of the Islamic Ummah.

7- At the end of each article, a title should be inserted with the title of footnote, ie: = footnote = and below this code should be written:

8- After the last article and in the last part of each article, the category of that article should be mentioned.

9- Each article should contain at least two blue or red links to other entries.